School of Mindfulness
Secular Culture of Consciousness in Europe

A cultural phenomenon that has its roots in the ancient world and Asian wisdom traditions is currently enjoying something of a renaissance: Mindfulness is already part of the curriculum at many schools – it was originally introduced by parents and teachers, as mindful breathing, body scan and meditation not only improve the working and learning environment, but they can also be preventative measures to ward off burnout. The French Football Federation was the first sports federation worldwide to adopt awareness and self-knowledge as key components of their training programme.

The mindfulness programmes presented in the film combine meditative awareness training with critical engagement. This inner development should then enable young people to take responsibility - for themselves, their society and the world. This requires a global perspective; it requires creativity, openness and empathy. A new culture of consciousness is currently emerging across many parts of Europe: secular meditation classes are working their way into our education system.


Vera Kaltwasser and Elisabethenschule, Frankfurt am Main
Caroline Sost and Living School, Paris

Dr Anna Gamma, Luzern and Project Peace, KlosterGut Schlehdorf

Mark Milton – Education 4 Peace Foundation and the Performance Centre of the French Football Federation, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines

Dr Cécile Cayla, Happy Panda Project and Hochkirchstraße nursery, Berlin

Christine Heinrich and the Freiburg School for Children with Language-based Learning Disabilities

Professor Tania Singer and Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig

Helle Jensen and the German-Danish Institute for Family Therapy and Counselling, Berlin

Stefan Neureiter – Elisabethenschule, Frankfurt am Main

Dieter Fieres, Photography and Frankfurt Westside Studios

School of Mindfulness
Secular Culture of Consciousness in Europe
documentary film, 34 min.

producer, director, screenwriter: Anja Krug-Metzinger
scientific monitoring: Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, (Gutenberg Forschungskolleg, Mainz)
camera: Bernd Meiners, Vita Spieß, Helmut Fischer, Arne Wagner
sound: Nika Breithaupt, Janine Jembere, Ruth Reeh-Georgi, Stefan Zach
film editing and design: Kristjan Lehnert
music and sound mixing: Kai Powala
colour matching: Simone Wehlend
girl’s voice: Mihret Solomon
speaker: Götz Bielefeld, Heiko Grauel, Susanne Grawe, Elke Schützhold, Gilles Karolyi
This short film was financed by Hanna and Dieter Paulmann.