My life without compromise

As a straight-edge adherent, Melina opens the door to this scene, which is connected around the whole world: arisen from the youth punk movement, the Straight-Edge movement connects its provoking and rebellious attitude with rigorous rules of conduct, including the renouncing of animal products, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and a sexually open lifestyle. Straight-edge adherents refuse the non-critical, indifferent, and consumer-oriented attitude of the mainstream youth and denounce alcohol consumption, which has become the „norm.” Driven by an idealistic spirit of optimism, these young people are trying – despite climate change and bank crises – to once again "make everything good." Through their lifestyle, as well as street campaigns, performances, and enlightenment campaigns, they are trying to turn the world into a better place in a very serious way. The motives of these young people are rooted in real moral questions about the value of human and animal lives.

Melina Struwe © WDR, A. Krug-Metzinger Filmproduktion

My life without compromise

Dokumentary film, 30 Min., WDR/ARD 2014

Producer, director and screenwriter: A. Krug-Metzinger
camera: Svea Andersson, Piotr Rosołovsky
sound: Karonlina Doleviczenyi
film editing: Rainer Nelissen
executive editor: Andrea Ernst

XDCAM/ 30 min. / 16:9 / German